Creation Codes

A 5 day virtual immersion expanding your creative epicenter through womb awakening, sensuality & sacred living.

It's time to remember that you are sacred…

Creation Codes is a 5 day embodiment expansion to reconnect to your own sacredness, to awaken your sensual nature and anchor into lasting self worthiness.

Enter into a 5 day creation portal to awaken, remember and reclaim your sacred self

You will be introduced to Chloe Isidora’s deeply loving and grounded practices to tend to the well springs of your heart and womb space.


Join Chloe daily to activate your sacred creation codes and connect to your natural sensual nature built on the foundations of self-love. This journey will include inspiring, activating, grounded practices that are easy to integrate into your daily life. 

Are you ready to reclaim your sacred self?

This is a call for all women & womb bearers that are ready to remember their sacredness and feel their sensuality inspiring their lives in a fresh and revitalizing way.

Creation codes is for you if…

You feel like you don’t know how to connect to your own self love or feel that this is very far away from you, that you are cut off from your sensuality & life might feel dull. ​
You are already on your path of reclamation of your sacred self, and looking for more tools and practices to support your journey.
Or you can be a full yes to your own sacredness and you are ready to uplift & inspire others to lead a sacred life. ​

All are welcome, it's free to join!

The mediation & embodiment bundle includes:

  • 5 Guided embodiment practices to connected to your inner sacredness
  • Sacred Mentorship sessions curated with 10 super inspiring guest speakers 
  • Activations  to weave into you your daily life 
  • Connect with a global sisterhood, who are reclaiming their sacred selves! 

Guided by

Chloe Isidora

Author of Sacred Self-care, 

Everyday Rituals for a More Joyful & Meaningful Life 

Sacred Womb Keeper

Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator 

Featured speakers on..

DAY 1:

Charlotte & Anoushka: Importance of Sacred Ritual, Connection to the Earth

DAY 4:

Brit, Freya, & Allie : Pleasure Panel

DAY 2:

Laura & Samsara

DAY 5:

Elsa Field & Lauren: Sacred Womb Song, Cosmic Womb

DAY 3:

Emma & Katie Jayne : Sacredness of Self-worth

I am Chloe Isidora

I’m a sacred womb awakening facilitator and the author of Sacred Self-care, Everyday Rituals for a More Joyful and Meaningful Life. 

My gift is supporting women to return and remember they are sacred, to reconnect and learn how to love, honour & respect themselves. I have supported hundreds of women to connect back to the knowing of their hearts and wisdom of their wombs. 

Why I deeply care that we remember we are sacred…

I’m a 100% recovering not-good-enough addict! Lack of self worth has been my biggest teacher and my biggest challenge this lifetime.

The amount of times throughout my spiritual awakening I have thought, “I wish I’d learnt this at school.”

I wish I’d learnt how to write gratitude lists instead of depression lists, I wish I’d learnt how to speak kindly instead of berating my body. I wish I’d learnt practices of self-care and self-love. I wish I had learnt that abundance is all around me and within me and that I could create inner beauty.

I wish I’d learnt that it’s my responsibility to nurture and create my own happiness, to connect to my heart and feel her insights, that I’m the keeper of my own pleasure and orgasmic expression.

I wish I’d learnt that I’m co-creating with life, that it’s not something that’s happening for me, that it’s something I have the power to change, grow and evolve!

I Am Sacred/ Creation Codes was born out of these wishes.

From the knowing that you are sacred and the Earth we walk upon is sacred. That it has been taken from the collective knowing – but that it’s not lost. These codes, knowings and ways of being live within you, and I’ve spent my life gathering the tools and keys that will open up these codes within you.

From the rubble of my own dismantling and transformation, came the journey of deep healing and growth, the creation of a life full of wisdom, self love and a return to the feminine way. I’m deeply grateful for this journey.

My womb became my guide, nature became my teacher.

The natural world is a reflection of the divine feminine and she teaches us of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. How to release in order to grow, how to return to love.

My heart’s path is to walk alongside you, illuminating the inner knowledge that you already possess. From this place of truth you’ll empower yourself to live wholeheartedly, grounded, sacred and awakened.


outdated ideas and beliefs of unworthiness


you are sacred just as you are right now 


your creations codes that live within you 


your own hearts & wombs wisdom 

Be your full Sacred & sensual self, living in connection to the Earth and in ceremony with life.

Creations Codes