Have you ever felt completely

Have you ever felt completely stuck, so full of pain and feeling so hopeless that life just doesn’t seem fun anymore. The answer is probably yes right?, don’t we all feel like this at some time in our lives. We all experience some kind of trauma, sometimes without even realising. It may be that you were bullied at school or something happened to you as a child. However big or small it’s still a trauma. So how do we deal with it, well if your anything like me you put in a box and pretend it never happened. Out of sight and out of mind. I did exactly that and iv’e carried this weight for over 40 years. Before seeing Rachel i didn’t realise i was suffering from any kind of trauma, i just wanted to be free from this anxiety and depression that i had suffered with all these years. Rachel was my light in the darkness, i truly believe that she is my guardian angel and always will be. After just one session Rachel was able to get to the root cause of my anxiety, help me to release it and let it go. She is the most kindest, wonderful person i have ever met who has the most amazing gift which is the ability to change peoples lives and free them from emotional pain. After that first session i immediately started to feel the benefits and i am noticing significant changes everyday. Every day I wake up calm and happy and every morning whilst brushing my teeth i tell myself how amazing, wonderful, strong and powerful i am. But of course i don’t need to tell myself this because I already know all of those things. Its such an amazing feeling, its like walking on air!. Can you imagine being free from all your emotional pain?. Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore you too can be set free!. You deserve to live the life you want and deserve so put yourself first, this is your time!. You have spent so much time giving all your love to other people now its your turn to be at the front of the queue. Rachel is their for you, you just need to reach out. This lady is not just a therapist she is and always will be my forever hero!. Now my life has changed completely and i’m finally living the life i always wanted and deserved. I’m calm, confident and i believe in myself!. I cant thank you enough Rachel and i will always be forever grateful to you for giving me my life back!


After seeing Rachel’s posts, I sought her out and chose her to be my therapist. My particular version of misery is not understood by most, and it is so damaging to be given lollipop, gum drop antidotes or “sound” strategies and common sense advice to my situation – where there is nothing rational or reasonable or easy or logical or sweet about it. And I knew after reading Rachel’s perspective that she understood. I believed I could trust her not to belittle or misconstrue the seriousness and complexity and gravity of my situation. So that, first and foremost was why I chose Rachel. Before we ever spoke, she proved to me that she understood my issues and could help.

And help she did. She was very professional and has a great website so paying her and accessing the files and information I needed was easy and held no frustrations for me. This is important. I have cancelled working with people before because managing the stress of getting through the paperwork raised my anxiety level to the breaking point! So there was none of that. Thank God! She quickly got back to me and sent me a wonderful relaxing recording I could be listening to before we had our first session. Again, I appreciated that. Often, I get so over wrought with anxiety and self doubt that I will go crazy while waiting for what I have chosen to actually transpire and cancel out of misery and to make that feeling of dread and worry and excitement go away. So this helped me remain calm and confident in my choice while I waited for my appointment. So even before we started, I knew I was in good hands. Because for once, someone knew how I would feel and took measures to ensure not to do anything that would trigger any anxiety in me as I took this brave step and leap of faith to try to get some help. I felt seen, understood and cared for before we even began. Feeling safe is not common for me. So brava Rachel! And thank you!

I cannot go into details of the session because well those are very private and I want you to know yours will be too. Private. Safe. To bring up all the things that are not safe to bring up and talk about anywhere else. Rachel was kind, sincere, not patronizing or assuming anything. Curious and stayed with me through the unpleasant and confusing parts until I finally had my breakthrough. That’s the thing. We – the client have the breakthrough. Rachel doesn’t do anything and yet what she does is something no one else has ever been able to do. She knows how to ask the right questions and leads your mind through a labyrinth which discovers, investigates where your issues came from. We deal with those and get rid of them right there is the session. But wait, we are’t done yet because Rachel is so gifted with transforming us with new, empowering and uplifting, encouraging new thoughts and beliefs. No one has ever spoken the kind, glorious, beautiful words to me and about me that Rachel does. She literally changes how you see yourself and talk to yourself and wait you believe about yourself. It is the most freeing, life changing thing. And she is really gifted at this. I am so glad I chose Rachel to work with me. You will be glad too.

Rachel was my last attempt

Rachel was my last attempt to seek help. Having spent an enormous amount of time and money on 2 different counsellors over 2 years following the end of a difficult and cruel relationship, I honestly thought I was broken and unfixable. Nothing was going to get me over this relationship and constantly feeling low and anxious.

I stumbled across Rachel on social media and followed her posts for a while. I decided to make contact as all other attempts to feel better had failed miserably. This confirmed my belief that I really was broken and unfixable and making contact with Rachel was really a last attempt to prove myself right. How wrong I was!!

Right from speaking to Rachel, she put me at ease and her confidence that she could help me was both comforting and inspiring. Whilst I was apprehensive about being hypnotised as I struggle to visualise scenes, Rachel assured me that this would not be an issue.

After my initial session, I felt so much better. I was able to see the situation for what it truly was and not what I had convinced myself it was – this really was a light bulb moment. Following a couple of short “top up” sessions, I now believe that I am well on the road to recovery from my awful experience.

Meeting Rachel and using her services has been invaluable to me as I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and know deep down that I have a future to look forward to that includes having a healthy relationship both with myself and with a new man when he crosses my path.

Thanks Rachel.

Rachel your intuition and your ability to change someone’s life is the most awesome gift you can give anyone!

I came to a point in my life where I was not broken like before but lost, another failed relationship, where I was starting to question myself, is it me? Why am I not enough for anyone? I was overthinking, my self worth, self trust and self love was all suffering. I was so fed up!!! There was only one guiding light in the darkness that I knew could help me and it was you Rachel. You are the voice of reason, the only person who says to me ‘ what do you want? ‘ you put me first. The RTT is a fabulous therapy but it only works because of you, your intuition/ability to pinpoint the needs of your clients. In a few sessions we removed all the toxicity hiding in my body, even the really deep rooted negativity, that’s been there from a very young age. You deliver this with so much calmness and kindness just hearing your voice makes me feel better about myself. You really have the ability to change someone’s life forever and that is the most awesome gift you can ever give anyone. I thank you for putting the rest of my life back on track, I am now feeling happier and working on filling myself with love. Of course I am enough and always have been, you made me see that. I honestly can’t thank you enough

I contacted Rachel to work

I contacted Rachel to work on many related issues. I wanted to stop choosing the same kind of men, damaged, hurted men I will try to fix or save for ever. I wanted some help nurturing my self-estime, put myself first and stop this obssession with saving everyone, especially my ex-partner I just broke up with. And finally I wanted to stop believing that I needed to earn love, to work for it because I never felt someone could love me just for who I was.
I choose Rachel because someone recommended her after having a life-changing session with her. I had 2 sessions with other RTT therapists on the same issues but it didn’t really work. After that I didn’t feel like healing was available to me. But the session with Rachel changed everything. It went really well.
I felt amazing right after the session and since then (1 month), as I have been listening to the recording every day and acting on the new beliefs we have installed during the session, I am doing so much better: I am not obsessed anymore with my ex, I get less and less involved with everyone problems, I spend time working on my dreams, I nurture my self-love every day by making the decision that support me and my dreams, etc. I am much more happy and positive. I know that I will be able to meet different kinds of men now, emotionally healthy men because I finally feel emotionally healthy myself. Finally believing that there is nothing wrong with me.

Rachel is deeply compassionate and

Rachel is deeply compassionate and wise and provides a safe environment that suits her clients. She is able to connect with people, and her kindness and understanding make her a wonderful therapist. She is also extremely generous, going above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you so much Rachel.

Just to keep you updated:Your

Just to keep you updated:
Your guidance, coaching, and recordings have truly propelled me from a wheelchair to using a walker for a long-term leg issue. Your commitment to my success has been unwavering as you continuously responded to all of my inquiries. This is just the beginning…as I am witnessing great miracles unfolding. Stay tuned!

Also, must add your gift of Reiki regardless of the distance is remarkable.

Rachel is the best therapist

Rachel is the best therapist I have ever had. She has helped me with so many things in my life. She is kind, caring and considerate, non judgemental and respectful. She is very educated in what she does and I am so grateful to have her in my life to help me with my issues. so that I can get back to being me again,

She offers so much insight to any issue that arises – worth every minute. Highly recommended.
Working with you has been amazing.
Thank you so much for being you Rachel, for being you and for helping me in my life

Although at first I was

Although at first I was a little skeptical and naturally had doubts about something I didn’t know, I decided to trust Rachel, who was able to win my trust with her kind ways and her calm reassuring voice. In one RTT session, I managed to get good results…I wanted to stop suffering and sabotaging myself when I was trying to put in place new healthier habits. With this session, I was able to deal with part of my binge eating problem. I habit I brought with me until yesterday January 7th, 2020.

Wow! I am blown away

Wow! I am blown away by this experience. I went to see Rachel with breathing problems (ongoing medical issue) and the difference I feel now is amazing. I am so grateful to her after all of these years I feel like a new person. She really does know what she’s doing. Her voice is so soothing. A truly wonderful lady who makes you feels so important. Thank you Rachel

Just having a conversation with

Just having a conversation with this lady today made me see things differently. My direction mentally and emotionally changed for the better immediately! We all need a compass sometimes to get us back on course….I’ve found mine!

All my life I’ve never

All my life I’ve never truly loved myself. I’ve put myself down and put up with some pretty crap relationships. I came to Rachel at the end of my tether. Since working with her I really feel amazing, like all of the ‘stuff’ has been erased. I now feel like a new woman and for the first time ever, I feel like I love me!!
Rachel is so lovely and professional, she really knows her stuff and I’m so happy that I chose her to work with me.
Thank you beautiful lady, you’re an angel in disguise.

I am really impressed with

I am really impressed with how I am feeling. I have so much more energy and I am able to get jobs done that I haven’t been able to do before because I struggled to breathe, which was an ongoing medical issue.
Another thing I have noticed is that I previously didn’t like making decisions. That has changed as I am able to make up my mind more confidently and I feel happy and settled. It is so amazing how different I feel and I am so impressed. I used to think of things as ‘ a huge mountain to climb’, but now I can just get on and do them.
I feel that I have my life back and it feels unbelievable, but I can believe it because I am living it! I was huffing and puffing, but now I really feel I am getting better by the day. It feels like a miracle because I have opened a new world to me.
Thank you so much

I came to see Rachel

I came to see Rachel for anxiety, mostly focusing on panic attacks. I was very sceptical, but you were so supportive Rachel and understanding. You really are there to help, with no other agenda or judgement, just to listen, support and to make other people’s lives better. That is such a rare trait in people.
Ahead of the session, you sent me a relaxation recording which immediately had an effect. I was sleeping better, felt more at ease and was a great way to understand how the RTT session with you would start.
Since working with you in your 30-day programme I haven’t panicked. I have put myself into positions which I would have previously struggled with. I have ‘pressure tested’ myself to see how real my recovery is. I genuinely feel I have recovered from panic attacks. They don’t even cross my mind anymore.
I never thought I would feel this good. I have totally changed for the better.
Thank you, Rachel, I am genuinely so thankful to you for your support, encouragement and ultimately for my recovery.

When I made the call

When I made the call to Rachel I was anxious, nervous and tearful. I was also scared at trying something new, but I had got to that stage in life where I knew that I had to make a leap of faith.
I have suffered for many years with anxiety, some months more severe than others. Latterly for at least 3 months, I have taken time off work as my anxiety has been at the most severe.
After working with Rachel I feel a new shift and change in my thoughts. I am getting acquainted with being a lighter, more assertive, stronger person. A person I haven’t felt like in a long time.
I am taking each day at a time, going for walks, getting to know the new me.
Life is not all about quantity in your life, but more importantly the quality of life, this far outweighs the material things – they just fill a gap.
Rachel still checks in to see how I am and in her words ‘ you’ve got this’, and for the first time in a very long time I really have ‘got this’.
My family have noticed a change, my immediate change was my eyes appeared brighter, a more confident outlook and a better attitude to life.
I wish I had taken that leap sooner!
Many thanks Rachel

I’m extremely lucky to have

I’m extremely lucky to have the experience of RTT therapy from Rachel Farnsworth. Thank you so much for my session. I believe it’s been quite powerful. I’ve felt freer than I have in a few weeks/months and also feel more positive and energised more able to concentrate, I feel my ambition coming back, also not sure if it’s coincidence however considering how disconnected I felt I’ve connected with friends and they have spoken to me on a deeper level. People have contacted me who I haven’t heard from in awhile and I’ve also felt connected to everyone in general. Life just feels a little better. Thank you


You helped me to be the person I was born to be, you allowed me to get my life back and to believe in myself, to be calm, stress free and not think the worst. It was amazing.


I feel pain free and 100% happier in myself! I’m so grateful for Rapid Transformational Therapy. I had Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis but I don’t feel I have it anymore because all the pain has left my body! I am off my meditation and I still feel confident and comfortable. I couldn’t be happier! I can’t thank RTT enough and I feel so free! Thank you so much!

Warm regards


Wow! I had RTT for procrastination. It seems like such a trivial problem to seek help with but can be debilitating. In just one session we got to the root cause of the problem and I am free. I have seen improvements in areas of my life that I never knew were affected by it. Most of all, the deep sadness has gone from my chest. Thank you doesn’t seem big enough. Rachel, you are a real life superhero.


Rapid Transformational Therapy with Rachel has completely changed my life. I felt like my life was ruled by my anxiety and thought it would always be somthing I carried with me throughout my life – however I had 2 sessions of RTT with Rachel and I have not experienced a single moment of anxiety! Not only have I overcome my anxiety but I am more confident, clear minded and at peace. This therapy works and I highly recommend it! It will change your life xx


I had my RTT and I noticed I am more confident, saying all what I think and its easy to expressing myself. I’m really pleased to have this done, and massive thanks for you. I am feeling enough and loving myself as well I have no lack of confidence. Every day is wonderful now. Recommending you to everyone. Rachel is our all blessing. 5 stars out of 5.


I had a wonderful empowering session with Rachel and would highly recommend her. A lovely, sensitive and understanding lady.


I had hypnosis with Rachel. I would completely and totally recommend her as she is fantastic, she put me at ease and has a way of building great rapport. She is worth every penny!!


Had my first session with Rachel last week .. Using the recording … Each day gets better and better … Xxx

Had a second session with Rachel for a totally different issue .. Amazing .. Feel positive .. Outgoing .. Any negative issues totally dismissed .. Beginning to feel like a new “me” .. After all these years … Thank you Rachel xx


I had an RRT session with Rachel last week and it was amazing. Rachel was kind, professional and on my wavelength from the start. A truly amazing person with a brilliant gift and technique that gave me a new lease of life by helping me be positive by kicking away my depression demons. I now have a better perspective and outlook of my life and self worth. Thank you


What a wonderful experience! I can not rate enough! I went along with some inner demons that have been affecting certain parts of my daily life. After one session I came away a stronger more confident lady. Well worth a visit!!


Definitely recommend. After trying hypnosis and other types of relaxation techniques I found Rachel’s rapid technique very effective.


Well I never thought in a million years I’d feel this great. My first session with Rachel and Wow! Very powerful session which shifted and moved issues which were limiting my beliefs and potential. I actually felt the physical shift within.
Rachel is very encouraging and so supportive. it’s impossible not to relax in her presence. She’s passionate about people and this is evident in her approach and manner.
I am so looking forward to getting on with my life in a much more positive and successful way. Thank you so much Rachel x


I was very sceptical about hypnosis therapy but after just one session with Rachel my skin condition has improved immensely . I have had psoriasis for over 15 years and my skin has never felt as good as now. I am looking forward to wearing shorts and t-shirt with confidence this year. I felt very relaxed and calm and this has continued following the session. Rachel is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would highly recommend.

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