Megan Suffered from Severe Anxiety and Depression

In today’s episode, we have an incredible guest, Megan, who shares her inspiring journey of triumph over severe anxiety and depression. Join Rachel as they dive deep into Megan’s experience and heart warming story of how she became a mum, something she’d written off years ago of not being available to her.

Ben's Triumph over Social anxiety, Depression & Hopelessness

Join us as we explore the depths of Ben’s struggle with anxiety and depression and the barriers it created in his life. After ‘working’ with me that feels more like playful discoverring & exploring, Ben is now looking at better job prospects and his confidence has massively increased …and all it took was just 4 sessions.  Hear more about his heartfelt story, you don’t want to miss this one!

Sarah Releases Arthritic Pain and Psoriasis in Her Hands

Let us uncover the depths of Sarah’s struggle and the toll this rash has taken on her physical and emotional well-being. Sarah opens up about the challenges she faced, from the constant discomfort and pain to the profound impact on her self-esteem and social interactions, and how her sessions with Rachel help overcome this condition. 

In the images above Sarah recalls that her hands were extremely painful, She felt like she had run out of options.

Now Sarah says when she feels  the slightest prickle, she know’s what’s happening, she is beginning to worry and can soothe and reassure herself and it settles down again very quickly. How useful to have this indicator!

Embracing Sobriety: Sam's Path to Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

We delve into Sam’s candid journey of battling alcohol addiction, where she experienced internal conflict, feeling like a hypocrite due to their dependence on alcohol. Join us as we explore Sam’s struggle with the daily cycle of relying on alcohol to cope, feeling bloated and guilty the following day, and her ultimate quest for liberation from this destructive pattern.

Jordan Wants to Overcome Feelings of Depression That had Been Plaguing Him for too long

Join us on this transformative episode as we explore one Jordan’s journey from a state of chaos, anxiety and depression, to a place of clarity, peace, and growth. In this episode, we delve into the challenges he faced, finding himself in a messy home, a messy state of mind, and struggling to maintain his business.

T. Whitman Deals with Her Grief and Past Traumas

We join T. Whitman on a profound exploration of her past trauma and grief. Astonishingly, a single session with Rachel would unlock a powerful release and bring her the peace she had been longing for. T. Whitman’s story offers inspiration and reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who bravely confront their past and choose the path of healing.

Alison Needed Help to Overcome Trauma from Abusive Relationship

Alison suffered from anxiety disorder resulting from an abusive relationship and subsequent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The constant rock in her stomach became a companion, accompanied by debilitating panic attacks, hair loss, and sleepless nights. Join us on this emotional and empowering journey as we navigate the depths of Alison’s struggles and witness her healing with the help of Rachel.

Tina Seeks Help to Overcome Her PTSD

Tatum: Trauma, allergy and finding spiritual gifts

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