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Articles/Podcasts/Shows that I have been featured in or had published.

MysticMag: Unleashing Your Potential - A Riveting Conversation with Rachel Claire Farnsworth

Together with Mystic Mag, get ready to embark on an awe-inspiring journey of self-transformation and holistic well-being as we dive into the world of one exceptional individual. Be captivated by Rachel’s incredible insights and wisdom as we explore the secrets to unlocking our true potential and achieving a state of holistic wellness.

How Our Health Problems Can Be Surpressed Emotions or Trauma, and Ways We Can Release Them!

She Rises Studios Podcast: Healing from Trauma

Had the chance to guest in an episode of Rise & Shine, the inspiring Sunday edition of our podcast presented by ⁠⁠She Rises Studios⁠⁠. They take pride in providing a unique platform for women across the globe to share their stories, showcase their businesses, and express their passion on subjects that resonate with their hearts. In this episode, I talked about trauma and how it’s linked to physical disease and symptoms. 

UK Health Gazette features Rachel Farnsworth

PETERBOROUGH, ENGLAND, October 14, 2021 / — Rachel Claire Farnsworth has always felt called upon to help and heal other people. But, having spent so many years locked in abusive relationships, was never able to reach her full potential. That is until she broke free of the cycle and found a way to reinvent herself.

Einav Avni & I talk about the mind body connection & the emotions/physical connection.

Last week I had the chance to be interviewed by Einav Avni, founder of Untangled Coaching. Einav is a Confidence & Empowerment Coach, she helps people to find confidence by recognising the negative voices and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Familiar? Yes! Because like Einav, I work to release the trauma and underlying issues that are keeping you from experiencing the best of life.

Is Hypnosis effective for pain such as Autoimmune Disease?

Here’s my interview with Nizam Thonduru from India.

He is a certified international life coach and EFT master trainer who conducts several online and live trainings and has been instrumental in training and coaching people from over six countries, across various fields.

Good thing, we share the same passion and goal! It was indeed a fun sharing with Nizam.  

Allison Brown's Interview with Rachel Farnsworth

So thrilled to share my interview by Allyson Brown in Australia. 

She works with autoimmune disease too by looking at our diet & we speak about how emotional pain shows up as physical symptoms and more. Why I believe that life is for living and not therapy & a few insights into what working with me is like.

A little insight into how our minds work & how our body’s are great messaging devices, it is simply asking us to go within and take a look so we can release it. 

Turning Challenges into Your Greatest Gift

Last March 07, I had the opportunity to guest on the Episode 8 of the Happiness Hub Show. This programme is hosted by Joyce Bergsma, a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner based in the Netherlands. I was honoured to be part of the show as she speaks with some really interesting people that like me, are doing interesting things in the field of anxiety. 

How I followed my whisper

Watch my interview with Janine Kathleen where I talk about how I followed my whisper,  how I healed from toxic relationships, and helped my daughter overcome her autoimmune disease and what are the common feelings we all have lying behind the presenting issues.  

Tapping Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Is it possible to overcome an autoimmune disease?

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My heartbreak as daughter's immune disease left her in crippling pain & the solution I found by working with her subconscious mind

Listen to the podcast 'Journey Within' with Nigel Paul Millar where I talk about how I came to be a life changing Rapid Transformational Therapist