This book is about helping women heal from past sexual abuse and trauma and learning to recognize the signs of predators. A lot of women, moms, daughters, and families in general struggle with knowing how to protect loved ones who may already be going through a crisis such as this. These 30 chapters will be proactive in teaching women how to heal from past trauma, how to deal with current family and work dynamics, and remind everyone that NO means NO. The book focuses on educating our communities around the world and our loved ones that we are no longer victims.

We are warriors. We are Me Too, But Never Again!

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In my chapter I share my experience of sexual abuse, how it impacted my life without me consciously being aware and how I healed the trauma of it so that I can help others do the same. It is a subject that I feel strongly about and feel it needs talking about more. However, I also know not everyone is able to share their experience because of court cases or because it’s a family member etc. but I can. I felt like ‘second-hand goods’ for far too long. I don’t want others to feel that way about themselves which is why I am sharing my story.

This book will help women to:

  • Heal from past sexual abuse and trauma
  • Deal with current family and work dynamics
  • Learn to recognize the signs of predators
  • Remind everyone that NO means NO.
  • Educate our communities around the world and our loved ones that we are no longer victims.

This book is so needed to help other people who have been through abuse to know that they aren't alone. Inspiring stories to show that it is possible to heal. Brave women sharing personal stories which is inspirational to us all.


Moving! Brave women and inspiring stories. We’ll done to Frances and all the women in this book!


This book is so powerful. It makes you think about what we're taught about ourselves as women and the society we live in. It's also making me think about what we can do to make changes.

Amazon Customer

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing was brilliant. I felt like I was there with them and could feel the emotions of the author. I hung on every word. I would highly recommend this book.

    Andra Anette

    The warriors in this book ARE the much-needed light shining and disbanding the shadows that force women to live in shame, guilt and fear. The courage it must have taken for these women to share their stories to help us all feel seen, heard, and not alone, is to be applauded. I read this book in a single sitting. I cried, I cheered, and I felt seen. The message is strong and clear - We will not keep quiet. It ends now!!!


    Stories of Courage. This short book is so powerful and moving.