Rapid Energy Releasing

Let me give you some insights:

Any pain or issues on the left side of the body means there is something that happened in the past that needs to be settled. Whilst the right side tells us that you need to release an emotional burden right here right now

Amazing isn't it? But there is more to that!

Rapid Energy Releasing is a non-evasive meridian therapy, emotional release technique.

It works using a combination of diagnostic muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing. Using breathwork and meridians, Rapid Energy Releasing helps to release blocked energy in the body and restores balance, resulting in a permanent (rather than temporary), clearing of symptoms by working at the root cause of stress, tension and trauma, which are held emotionally in the body.

WITHOUT having to share your story or knowing where it came from, together we can release the emotions by using the meridian energy centres and acupuncture pressure points.

So it still gets to the root without sharing!