Thought Process


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    Thought Tracks – Check all thought tracks that you are aware of and add any not included:

    I am worthless/ no good/unworthyI am stupidI am weakI am inadequateI am uncomfortable in my bodyThere is something wrong with meI am a failureI am unhappy with who I amI am guiltyI am a bad personI feel damagedI deserve to die

    Belonging and Connecting
    I don’t matterThey don’t like meI don’t belongI am not neededI am not interestingI am not loveableThey don’t mean the nice things they sayI feel aloneThey aren’t there for meI am annoyingI am afraid to get close to peopleThey are better off without me

    I am not in controlMy way is betterMy life is chaosI can’t get what I wantI need to be perfectI am powerlessI cannot stand itI am almost thereI will be happy when

    Safety and Security
    I’m afraid of the futureI may get into troubleI don’t careWhat if the leaveI feel lostI am in dangerI don’t need themPeople always betray meI am a victim

    Judgement and Comparison
    I am not good enoughI am not creativeI am richer/poorerI am more/less attractiveThey are better than meWhat will they thinkI should have done something betterI should have known betterI am expected to do everything

    I don’t have enough timeI don’t have enough moneyI don’t have the skills or educationI don’t feel wellI have to have itI am entitled to itI am too young/old

    Success and Failure
    It won’t work for meThere is no point tryingI am too scaredIt is not possibleI give upI have to be perfectI might get rejectedI don’t have passionI don’t deserve it


    I can’t …

    If only …

    I should have …

    I shouldn’t have …

    I don’t …

    I am …

    I am not …

    Any not included