Have you ever felt completely

Have you ever felt completely stuck, so full of pain and feeling so hopeless that life just doesn’t seem fun anymore. The answer is probably yes right?, don’t we all feel like this at some time in our lives. We all experience some kind of trauma, sometimes without even realising. It may be that you were bullied at school or something happened to you as a child. However big or small it’s still a trauma. So how do we deal with it, well if your anything like me you put in a box and pretend it never happened. Out of sight and out of mind. I did exactly that and iv’e carried this weight for over 40 years. Before seeing Rachel i didn’t realise i was suffering from any kind of trauma, i just wanted to be free from this anxiety and depression that i had suffered with all these years. Rachel was my light in the darkness, i truly believe that she is my guardian angel and always will be. After just one session Rachel was able to get to the root cause of my anxiety, help me to release it and let it go. She is the most kindest, wonderful person i have ever met who has the most amazing gift which is the ability to change peoples lives and free them from emotional pain. After that first session i immediately started to feel the benefits and i am noticing significant changes everyday. Every day I wake up calm and happy and every morning whilst brushing my teeth i tell myself how amazing, wonderful, strong and powerful i am. But of course i don’t need to tell myself this because I already know all of those things. Its such an amazing feeling, its like walking on air!. Can you imagine being free from all your emotional pain?. Well you don’t have to imagine it anymore you too can be set free!. You deserve to live the life you want and deserve so put yourself first, this is your time!. You have spent so much time giving all your love to other people now its your turn to be at the front of the queue. Rachel is their for you, you just need to reach out. This lady is not just a therapist she is and always will be my forever hero!. Now my life has changed completely and i’m finally living the life i always wanted and deserved. I’m calm, confident and i believe in myself!. I cant thank you enough Rachel and i will always be forever grateful to you for giving me my life back!

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