After seeing Rachel’s posts, I sought her out and chose her to be my therapist. My particular version of misery is not understood by most, and it is so damaging to be given lollipop, gum drop antidotes or “sound” strategies and common sense advice to my situation – where there is nothing rational or reasonable or easy or logical or sweet about it. And I knew after reading Rachel’s perspective that she understood. I believed I could trust her not to belittle or misconstrue the seriousness and complexity and gravity of my situation. So that, first and foremost was why I chose Rachel. Before we ever spoke, she proved to me that she understood my issues and could help.

And help she did. She was very professional and has a great website so paying her and accessing the files and information I needed was easy and held no frustrations for me. This is important. I have cancelled working with people before because managing the stress of getting through the paperwork raised my anxiety level to the breaking point! So there was none of that. Thank God! She quickly got back to me and sent me a wonderful relaxing recording I could be listening to before we had our first session. Again, I appreciated that. Often, I get so over wrought with anxiety and self doubt that I will go crazy while waiting for what I have chosen to actually transpire and cancel out of misery and to make that feeling of dread and worry and excitement go away. So this helped me remain calm and confident in my choice while I waited for my appointment. So even before we started, I knew I was in good hands. Because for once, someone knew how I would feel and took measures to ensure not to do anything that would trigger any anxiety in me as I took this brave step and leap of faith to try to get some help. I felt seen, understood and cared for before we even began. Feeling safe is not common for me. So brava Rachel! And thank you!

I cannot go into details of the session because well those are very private and I want you to know yours will be too. Private. Safe. To bring up all the things that are not safe to bring up and talk about anywhere else. Rachel was kind, sincere, not patronizing or assuming anything. Curious and stayed with me through the unpleasant and confusing parts until I finally had my breakthrough. That’s the thing. We – the client have the breakthrough. Rachel doesn’t do anything and yet what she does is something no one else has ever been able to do. She knows how to ask the right questions and leads your mind through a labyrinth which discovers, investigates where your issues came from. We deal with those and get rid of them right there is the session. But wait, we are’t done yet because Rachel is so gifted with transforming us with new, empowering and uplifting, encouraging new thoughts and beliefs. No one has ever spoken the kind, glorious, beautiful words to me and about me that Rachel does. She literally changes how you see yourself and talk to yourself and wait you believe about yourself. It is the most freeing, life changing thing. And she is really gifted at this. I am so glad I chose Rachel to work with me. You will be glad too.

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