I am really impressed with

I am really impressed with how I am feeling. I have so much more energy and I am able to get jobs done that I haven’t been able to do before because I struggled to breathe, which was an ongoing medical issue.
Another thing I have noticed is that I previously didn’t like making decisions. That has changed as I am able to make up my mind more confidently and I feel happy and settled. It is so amazing how different I feel and I am so impressed. I used to think of things as ‘ a huge mountain to climb’, but now I can just get on and do them.
I feel that I have my life back and it feels unbelievable, but I can believe it because I am living it! I was huffing and puffing, but now I really feel I am getting better by the day. It feels like a miracle because I have opened a new world to me.
Thank you so much