I came to see Rachel

I came to see Rachel for anxiety, mostly focusing on panic attacks. I was very sceptical, but you were so supportive Rachel and understanding. You really are there to help, with no other agenda or judgement, just to listen, support and to make other people’s lives better. That is such a rare trait in people.
Ahead of the session, you sent me a relaxation recording which immediately had an effect. I was sleeping better, felt more at ease and was a great way to understand how the RTT session with you would start.
Since working with you in your 30-day programme I haven’t panicked. I have put myself into positions which I would have previously struggled with. I have ‘pressure tested’ myself to see how real my recovery is. I genuinely feel I have recovered from panic attacks. They don’t even cross my mind anymore.
I never thought I would feel this good. I have totally changed for the better.
Thank you, Rachel, I am genuinely so thankful to you for your support, encouragement and ultimately for my recovery.