When I made the call

When I made the call to Rachel I was anxious, nervous and tearful. I was also scared at trying something new, but I had got to that stage in life where I knew that I had to make a leap of faith.
I have suffered for many years with anxiety, some months more severe than others. Latterly for at least 3 months, I have taken time off work as my anxiety has been at the most severe.
After working with Rachel I feel a new shift and change in my thoughts. I am getting acquainted with being a lighter, more assertive, stronger person. A person I haven’t felt like in a long time.
I am taking each day at a time, going for walks, getting to know the new me.
Life is not all about quantity in your life, but more importantly the quality of life, this far outweighs the material things – they just fill a gap.
Rachel still checks in to see how I am and in her words ‘ you’ve got this’, and for the first time in a very long time I really have ‘got this’.
My family have noticed a change, my immediate change was my eyes appeared brighter, a more confident outlook and a better attitude to life.
I wish I had taken that leap sooner!
Many thanks Rachel