I contacted Rachel to work

I contacted Rachel to work on many related issues. I wanted to stop choosing the same kind of men, damaged, hurted men I will try to fix or save for ever. I wanted some help nurturing my self-estime, put myself first and stop this obssession with saving everyone, especially my ex-partner I just broke up with. And finally I wanted to stop believing that I needed to earn love, to work for it because I never felt someone could love me just for who I was.
I choose Rachel because someone recommended her after having a life-changing session with her. I had 2 sessions with other RTT therapists on the same issues but it didn’t really work. After that I didn’t feel like healing was available to me. But the session with Rachel changed everything. It went really well.
I felt amazing right after the session and since then (1 month), as I have been listening to the recording every day and acting on the new beliefs we have installed during the session, I am doing so much better: I am not obsessed anymore with my ex, I get less and less involved with everyone problems, I spend time working on my dreams, I nurture my self-love every day by making the decision that support me and my dreams, etc. I am much more happy and positive. I know that I will be able to meet different kinds of men now, emotionally healthy men because I finally feel emotionally healthy myself. Finally believing that there is nothing wrong with me.

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