Rachel your intuition and your ability to change someone’s life is the most awesome gift you can give anyone!

I came to a point in my life where I was not broken like before but lost, another failed relationship, where I was starting to question myself, is it me? Why am I not enough for anyone? I was overthinking, my self worth, self trust and self love was all suffering. I was so fed up!!! There was only one guiding light in the darkness that I knew could help me and it was you Rachel. You are the voice of reason, the only person who says to me ‘ what do you want? ‘ you put me first. The RTT is a fabulous therapy but it only works because of you, your intuition/ability to pinpoint the needs of your clients. In a few sessions we removed all the toxicity hiding in my body, even the really deep rooted negativity, that’s been there from a very young age. You deliver this with so much calmness and kindness just hearing your voice makes me feel better about myself. You really have the ability to change someone’s life forever and that is the most awesome gift you can ever give anyone. I thank you for putting the rest of my life back on track, I am now feeling happier and working on filling myself with love. Of course I am enough and always have been, you made me see that. I honestly can’t thank you enough

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